Vivian Andrews, LMFT

Hi, I am Vivian Andrews! I hold a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology with a Somatic Psychology specialization from John F. Kennedy University, and graduated summa cum laude with my Bachelor’s degree in psychology also from JFKU.  My postgrad internship was with Heart in Balance in Oakland where I specialized in working with children at the Peralta Elementary School, along with adult and couple’s work at the Heart in Balance Center. I have had additional training in EMDR, and a certificate for working with adults and children who are on the autistic spectrum.  I find that my somatic approach has been successful with anxiety, panic, and PTSD, and I have had much success working with clients with childhood trauma issues, including sexual, emotional, and physical abuse.

How I Help  

My approach to my work has been informed by many years of practicing and teaching various forms of meditation, and I value mindfulness and presence as an important tool which can make exploration of difficulties easier, more informed, and challenges can become interesting and exciting rather than something to avoid. I also value cross cultural awareness, and helped found several non-profit organizations, working in both rural India and with indigenous people of Mexico.  

More About Me

I am a mother and grandmother, and my life experiences allow me a broad understanding of the different challenges that go along with each phase of life. I have helped start the Waldorf School in Santa Barbara and was a kindergarten teacher there years ago, and more recently have volunteered with Hospice of the East Bay both sitting with the dying and as a grief counselor.  In my practice, the ages of my clients range from 4 years to 86 years, and I feel a deep connection to each and every age. I currently live near Walnut Creek with my husband and “Little Black Kitty” and enjoy hiking in nature, gardening, meditation and yoga, and writing poetry.

Trainings and Certificates

  • EMDR

  • Somatic Therapy

  • Mindfulness-based approaches

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Vivian Andrews