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Managing Anxiety during COVID-19

The new normal is difficult for us all to adjust. Here are a few tips on how you can best manage your and your loved one’s anxiety around the current uncertainty.

Structure your day: Setting boundaries between work and pleasure is a great strategy to make life easier. It helps us unwind and thrive. On the contrary, unclarity can make us anxious, frustrated, or inefficient.

Maintain a routine: The more you maintain a routine, the more productive you will be, and the more balanced your life can be.

Make smart choices: It’s a good habit to stay well informed about the latest development around the disease, but it is equally important that we are smart about what we are reading. We should not blindly believe all the information coming our way. Checking the validity of information before reacting is the key.

Practice mindfulness: It will help you stay positive, present and grounded. You can practice it alone or along with your family.

Regular check-ins: It’s a good idea to check in on how your loved ones are doing! But please be mindful to not provide too-much reassurance. It may not be so helpful.

Stay connected virtually: In this time of social isolation, we are lucky that we live in an age where connecting virtually is a possibility. So catch up on all the missed conversations and connections with your loved ones. Utilize it! It can be a useful stress buster.

Practice gratitude: Writing down things that you are grateful for can be a helpful exercise to help you stay focused on the positive.

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