Couple Therapy Intensive Programs

Couple Therapy Intensive Programs

Because you want your relationship to be the best version it can be!

Only offered by Dr. Mansi Verma

Couples Therapy Intensive

Have you been struggling with the following questions in your relationship?

  • I am feeling stuck despite putting in a lot of effort
  • I do not feel understood, no matter how hard I try or how loud I scream?
  • Traditional hourly therapy is not good enough for me- I need something more intense.
  • It’s the end of the rope for me now, I have lost all hope.

Allow me to help you navigate through these rapids with the help of our couple therapy intensive program:

I am currently offering:

  • Couple assessment and therapy intensive
  • Pre-marital assessment and therapy intensive

Outline and structure:

Couple Assessment and Therapy: With the help of our couple intensive program, we wish to help you make your relationship stronger, balanced, and lasting. Build healthy effective communication and conflict resolution skills. Deepen emotional intimacy. Reduce reactivity, defensiveness and move past unresolved hurt and resentments. Develop trust to become comfortable in becoming emotionally vulnerable and openly expressive to each other and Help you navigate through cultural and family value differences.

Premarital assessment and counseling is a type of couple therapy that helps prepare a couple take the next step in their relationship, resolve issues in their relationship before they commit to marriage, and or set relationship goals. It is intended to help the couple discuss several important issues, ranging from finances to children. Many couples seek premarital counseling as a preventative measure. Instead of waiting until there is a problem, couples engage in premarital counseling to get ahead of any issues brewing below the surface and preventing couple counseling later on down the road.

Goals of the program:

  • Explore strength and growth areas in the relationship
  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Identify and manage stressors
  • Resolve conflict using Prepare and Enrich Ten Step Model
  • Develop more balanced relationship using couple and family maps
  • Understand personality differences and maximize teamwork

Who may benefit from our program

Our program may be especially helpful for people who are experiencing significant stress in the relationship due to commitment issues, relationship anxiety, fear of engulfment, which may become evident when:

  • They avoid thinking about the future of their romantic relationships
  • They don’t want to have a serious partner.
  • They feel trapped or nervous if a partner seems to be ready to take the next steps
  • They spend an exorbitant amount of time questioning their relationship or have trust issues
  • They feel emotionally detached from their partner yet do not want to end their relationship
  • They have a hard time sharing or opening up to their partner.

Premarital or couple assessment can help them explore why they have a difficult time committing to a long-term relationship or a long-term goal inside a relationship. This program will help the client understand the signs and knowing more about what causes their fear to commit.

In this program we will pass along the following stages:

Phase 1- Baseline Assessment

Phase 2- Feedback

Phase 3- Teaching Relationship Skills, Practice, and resolving roadblocks

Phase 4 – Post intervention assessment

Phase 5- Termination

Phase 1- Baseline assessment

The scientifically valid and reliable assessments will be administered to help you and I learn more about you and your relationship. With the help of these personalized assessments, we can gain insights into the strengths of your relationship and areas having potential for growth. It will help us create a road map for our work ahead and prime us for discussions. We will also cover certain case specific scales such as areas parenting issues, cultural ethnic differences, blended families/ issues due to previous marriage, health related issues, intergenerational family issues, issues related to older couples and faith-based issues.

Phase 2- Feedback

This phase will focus on providing constructive feedback on the findings from the previous stage and drawing a conceptualization for the existing issues. This phase will help you to explore, learn and understand a great deal about your relationship and how each of you perceive it. Area that couples typically enjoy discussing are their family of origin and cultural belief systems; and its influence on their relationship. It often gives them greater insights into who they are in relationship, what their expectations are from each other and why are they a core part of their personality.

Phase 3- Teaching Relationship Skills, Practice, and resolving roadblocks

This phase will focus on implementing the road map that we created in the previous stages. The focus will be on helping you as a couple learn useful communication, conflict resolutions, closeness and flexibility skills. A ten-step process for effective conflict resolution will be practiced and taught. Skills to best manage, strategize, and cope with active stressors will be discussed. Issues arising due to differences in cultural and families-of-origin values will be assessed and resolved using the Couple and Family Maps.

Phase 4 – Post intervention assessment

After you report that your goals have been satisfactorily met the Post-intervention assessment will be conducted using standardized assessment scales to assess the current level of satisfaction in their relationship.

Phase 5- Termination

This phase will focus on providing feedback to the client of the trajectory of change and the improvements observed in them in the course of therapy and summarizing the therapeutic process and skills taught during the sessions.

We are hopeful that with the help of our program, you will feel more connected, together, and form a stronger unionship!