Michael Arevalo, Psy.D.

Hello, I am Dr. Michael Arevalo, Postdoctoral Fellow and Registered Psychological Assistant, working under the supervision of Dr. Shilpa Kapoor. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University and my Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Marywood University. I have been providing psychotherapy services for clients from the ages of 4-80 for over 6 years in a variety of settings, including multiple outpatient community mental health facilities, a college counseling center, a trauma center for children, and multiple Veterans Affairs Medical Centers.


Although I conceptualize psychiatric conditions as an interplay of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, I believe that each person is unique and requires an individualized, person-centered approach to treatment. It is for this reason that I am integrative in my work and pull from a wide variety of clinical techniques to help people better manage their symptoms and live a life that they want to live. I believe that the therapist-client relationship is one of the most important factors to successful therapy and I work hard to create a respectful and meaningful environment to help people achieve their goals. 


  • CBT- Insomnia/Sleep problems

  • CBT-Depression

  • CBT and ACT-Anxiety

  • CPT for Trauma and Trauma-related symptoms

  • Emotion Regulation

  • Anger Management

Dr. Michael Arevalo

Postdoc Fellow