Couples Therapy Intensive

8 Week Couples Therapy Intensive

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Couples Therapy Intensive

If you have found this page, you have probably tried everything you know to fix your relationship. Nothing is working, and you are losing hope or even considering ending your relationship. Do you feel more alone when you are with your partner than you do when you are by yourself? Do you spend more time fighting with each other than providing love and support? Many of my clients ask: How can the most important relationship in my life be the one who causes me the most pain?

If you can relate to these questions, a Couples Therapy Intensive might be the right next step. I truly believe that the most profound personal growth can come out of relationship conflict, if you have the proper guidance in resolving these conflicts

Intense conflict is not necessarily a sign that you are in the wrong relationship.  It might mean that you and your partner are repeating patterns that no longer serve you. Even the most well-matched couples are vulnerable to common pitfalls that undermine your connection. Couples Intensives are specifically designed for couples in crisis to build back the connection you once felt, while learning to resolve deeply painful conflicts.

Private Couples intensives are for you and your partner only. During an intensive, you will learn to see your relationship–and your partner–with fresh eyes. You will develop insight into the patterns that keep you stuck, and will learn specific, concrete methods for reshaping these patterns. By the end of the intensive, you will be equipped to return home with valuable insight, powerful tools and evidence-based techniques to apply in your daily lives.  

What should we expect during an Intensive?

In an Intensive, I provide a safe, accepting and nurturing space where we will begin the work of identifying root causes of distress in your relationship. Drawing upon my experience working with couples of all ages and backgrounds, I first assess the dynamics of your relationship and develop a comprehensive customized treatment plan for each of you as individuals and as a couple.  I then hand-pick a set of tools that will help you address these relationship-defeating patterns. You will learn to implement these tools and techniques both in our sessions and in your day-to-day life, with personalized feedback from me. You will learn how to deepen your connection, increase communication through empathy and listening, and understand and value your differences. You will also learn to resolve conflicts, restore trust, reduce blame, and move through impasses and gridlocks.

What’s the difference between an Intensive and weekly couples therapy?

Couples Intensives are ideal for busy professionals who would rather get down to the root quickly rather than take several months for local one hour a week counseling. Couples Intensives allow couples to escape the distractions of work, children, computer, cell phones, etc. so that partners can give their undivided attention to each other and to healing their relationship. This time is also extremely helpful for couples who may be on the verge of separation or in severe pain. Often, couples want to give the relationship one last try before making any decisions.

What happens after the Intensive?

An Intensive is the most rapid, efficient way to make progress in your relationship. It is critically important to maintain these gains after the Intensive. Many couples request ongoing support to maintain the progress made during their Intensive. They may wish to continue working with a couples therapist after the Intensive to practice implementing the tools that they learned during the Intensive, and troubleshoot new issues that may arise. I am available to consult with Clients regarding post-Intensive support options.

Couples Intensive: 

8-week package

  • Intake (once, 2 hours)
    • Assessment, Goal Setting, Exercises, and Introduction to Intervention
  • Intensive (once, 2 hours)
    • Intervention; Handouts; Exercises
  • Weekly sessions (six, 2 hours each)
    • Check in about homework from past week; challenges implementing strategies; coaching through additional strategies
  • Hourly rate: $250 (private pay)
    • I also accept some insurances (see below)
  • Package discount
    • Free 15-minute weekly phone check-in with purchase of a prepaid package (private pay only)

I accept the following insurances.  Otherwise, sessions will be out of pocket (you will be provided a superbill for any out of network benefits).



Anthem Blue Cross Meritain