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Couples Therapy Specialist in Mountain View, CA

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Couples Therapy Specialist Near Me in Mountain View, CA
Couples Therapy Specialist Near Me in Mountain View, CA

Table of Contents:

How does going to couples therapy help?
When should you go to couples therapy?
What are some modalities that are used in couples therapy?
What are some benefits of going to couples therapy?

Couples therapy is an area of clinical psychology that involves the assessment and treatment of relationship problems and difficulties. It is a branch of psychotherapy, which is a therapeutic system designed to address a wide range of mental health concerns. The goal of couples therapy is to help couples improve their relationship, and in some cases, repair or improve their marriage. It can be used to address a wide variety of issues, including communication issues, unresolved conflict, infidelity, and sexual problems. It can also be used to strengthen a relationship and improve the way partners interact, or it can be used to help partners come to terms with their relationship being over, and move on together as amicably as possible.

How does going to couples therapy help?

Couples therapy can help couples going through challenges to better work through their problems with a strong emphasis on clear and concise communication and open and honest expression. Couples therapy:

– It Helps partners understand their issues and experiences
– Focuses on emotional issues
– Finds areas of healthy agreement
– Develops empathy and understanding for both parties
– Helps uncover what is really causing the problems

When should you go to couples therapy?

Each relationship is unique, but there are some common issues that often come up for many couples, including:

Trust Issues — When a relationship has been affected by dishonesty, therapy can help couples rebuild trust.

Frequent Arguing — Conflict is a part of life, but when it is a daily occurrence, there is often an underlying cause that is contributing to the quarreling. Couples therapy can help both partners understand how to develop healthy strategies for diffusing conflicts and how to communicate in a more positive way.

Problems with Communication — More often than not, poor communication results in conflict; when someone feels misunderstood or that they are not being heard, communication can wither, resulting in feelings of disconnection.

Trauma — All types of trauma, such as a health crisis, death in the family, or serious financial problems can place a great deal of stress on even the most dedicated couples.

Lack of Emotional or Physical Intimacy — Intimacy is a very important part of every relationship; if it fades, it is imperative to seek the help of a therapist to keep the spark alive and the relationship fresh.

What are some modalities that are used in couples therapy?

Couples therapy is a complex process that varies based on the couple’s needs, difficulties, and desires. There are many different approaches used depending on the circumstances; the most common modalities include:

– Nonviolent Communication
– Gottman’s Method
– Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy
– Interpersonal Neurobiology
– Couples Intensive Sessions

It can help:

– Avoidant-avoidant couples
– Anxious-avoidant couples
– Hostile couples/high conflict couples

What are some benefits of going to couples therapy?

There are many benefits of going to couples therapy; a few prominent ones include:
Improves Communication Skills — Communication is essential to a healthy relationship, however, not everyone knows how to clearly and calmly express their thoughts and feelings. Working with a counselor can help couples improve how they communicate, so they can share their concerns and emotions more effectively.

Creates a Safe Space — A couples therapy session is a safe haven; everything that is shared with the counselor is confidential. Couples can rest assured that the therapist is unbiased and impartial and will never take sides or pass judgment.

Builds Understanding and Empathy in the Relationship — Going to couples counseling can help couples understand one another better; several sessions can help them gain a new perspective on the world.

Helps Resolve Conflicts — Conflict is part of life and is normal in every relationship, which is why it is imperative to know how to work through and resolve disagreements in order to sustain a fulfilling relationship.

Helps Work Through Life’s Challenges — Regardless of levels of happiness or stability, every couple faces challenges in life, and a counselor can help guide couples through these obstacles and develop the skills to work past them.

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