Burnout Therapy Specialist in the Bay Area, Mountain View, CA

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Burnout Therapy Specialist Near Me in the Bay Area, Mountain View, CA
Burnout Therapy Specialist Near Me in the Bay Area, Mountain View, CA

Table of Contents:

What is burnout counseling?
Professionals treating burnout
How do you know if you have burnout?
How do you manage burnout?

Burnout is a state of feeling emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted. Burnout is often caused by working long hours, but it can also be caused by factors in the workplace environment, the subject matter of the work, and not taking an adequate amount of time to rest. Although it is a common condition, there are ways to overcome it and improve one’s quality of life, such as with burnout counseling.

What is burnout counseling?

Burnout is a feeling of being emotionally drained and physically exhausted; it can happen when people are so busy that they do not have enough time to rest and recuperate. It is common among business professionals, as well as healthcare workers and educators, but it can happen to anyone when they work a busy schedule and do not take enough time off. People who are experiencing burnout may want to consider seeing a counselor who specializes in working with people who are enervated or over-exerted. Burnout counseling is a form of therapy that seeks to address the busyness of life and helps people better manage their time and prioritize personal matters, such as family and health.

Professionals treating burnout

Although it does have physical and emotional effects, because burnout is predominantly a psychological condition, it is primarily treated by mental health professionals like psychologists, therapists, and counselors.

How do you know if you have burnout?

The symptoms of burnout can take many forms and often affect multiple areas of health, including physical, emotional and behavioral.
Physical symptoms of burnout include:

• Feeling exhausted most of the time
• Unable to recover from a common cold
• Frequent headaches
• Frequent gastrointestinal problems
• Sleep disturbances
• Shortness of breath
• Frequent muscle pain
• Change in appetite or sleep habits
Behavioral symptoms of burnout include:

• Irritability
• Heightened emotional responses
• Suspicious and paranoid about others
• Substance abuse
• Stubbornness, rigid thinking
• Unwillingness to listen to other people
• Negative attitude
• Appearing depressed
• Withdrawing from responsibilities
• Isolation from others
• Procrastination; taking longer to get things done
• Taking out frustrations on others
• Skipping work
Emotional symptoms of burnout include:

• Sense of failure and self-doubt
• Feeling helpless, trapped, and defeated
• Detachment, feeling alone in the world
• Loss of motivation
• The increasingly cynical and negative outlook on life
• Decreased satisfaction and sense of accomplishment

How do you manage burnout?

Burnout can be difficult to manage as it negatively affects one’s motivation and personal drive, but there are many ways to overcome this condition and achieve a better quality of life. These include:

• Turn to other people
• Reach out to those closest to you
• Be more sociable with your coworkers
• Limit your contact with negative people
• Find new friends
• Reframe the way you look at work
• Try to find value in your work
• Find balance in your life
• Make friends at work
• Take time off
• Reevaluate your priorities
• Set boundaries
• Take a daily break from technology
• Nourish your creative side
• Set aside relaxation time
• Get plenty of sleep
• Learn how to reduce stress
• Manage troublesome thoughts and feelings
• Improve your relationships at work and home
• Increase your overall health and happiness
• Make health a priority
• Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet
• Avoid nicotine and alcohol

These are only a few lifestyle modifications one can make to manage burnout; complex or severe cases often require professional help, such as from a burnout therapy specialist.
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