Ana Lopez, AMFT

I am Ana Lopez and hold a Master’s of Social Work in macro social work practice from the University of Southern California. My research work has focused on gender violence and human trafficking as it applies to labor migration. My work has allowed me to merge the world of social justice, business, and innovative technology as I have consulted for new emerging startups in Southern California.  


In mental health and wellness I have had the opportunity of working with trauma survivors in community mental health, the Federal Public Defender’s Office, and with children aged 0-17. I have also worked with children and adults who have struggled with: sexual assault, violence in the home, anxiety, panic disorders, PTSD, and depression. 

How I Help

My client is the expert of their journey to healing. I enjoy utilizing the practice of mindfulness and yoga in mental health work as much as I like traditional modalities like CBT and DBT. I have utilized feminist theories in counseling as a method to empower and encourage clients while creating a warm and safe environment. 


Together, we can delve into your strengths and resilience while focusing on solutions and problem solving. I am familiar with 12-step models and can explore attachment patterns to assist in setting healthy boundaries while discovering enjoyable practices of self-care. 

Languages: English & Spanish


Ana Lopez, ASW

Supervisor by

Sunita Roychoudhury, LMFT/LPCC