ADHD Intensive Treatment Plan

12 Week ADHD Intensive Treatment Plan

Are you struggling with the symptoms of your ADHD? We can help you! Let’s improve your ADHD symptoms with Dr. Christina Chick’s help. Contact our staff at Mind-Body Care in Mountain View, CA. We are conveniently located at 2672 Bayshore Parkway, Suite 1045 Mountain View, CA 94043. For more information, please call us or request an appointment online.

Only offered by Dr. Christina Chick

ADHD Focus

Although ADHD is a diagnosis, it does not have to be a disability. Instead, ADHD is a particular configuration of the brain that confers both advantages and disadvantages, depending on the context (e.g., the type of task that you are trying to accomplish). People with ADHD are often very good at non-linear thinking. Although this can pose challenges with completing daily tasks, it is a significant advantage for people who work in creative, entrepreneurial, or leadership roles. My goal is to help you reach your full potential, which involves building opportunities to capitalize on your strengths and learning how to manage situations that you find difficult.

My clients with ADHD often describe feeling overwhelmed and having difficulty prioritizing. Some have described feeling like they are constantly in crisis mode. This often leads to feelings like shame, anxiety, and frustration. It can even cause problems in interpersonal relationships, or at school or work.

I have extensive experience working with entrepreneurs and executives working in the tech industry. My clients are high-performing within Silicon Valley’s competitive work culture. They feel like they are working harder than they should to stay afloat. If this sounds like you, I invite you to reach out so that we can work together to help you feel more control over your time, and more satisfaction out of your life.

Our work together will focus on leaning into your natural strengths and implementing behavioral strategies for supporting you in the areas that you find more challenging. We will start with a collaborative/therapeutic assessment, which will include both formal assessment tools and a consultation with you to understand your current level of functioning and where your biggest pain points are.

This is not your regular ADHD coaching. It is much more specialized. I will use my education, training, clinical experience, and research as a clinical psychologist to customize a plan for you. Over the next weeks, I will guide you step-by-step to implement that plan in a way that fits into your unique life and priorities. This will include “big picture” strategy; identification of specific, targeted goals; and accountability for meeting your goals.

During our sessions, I will support you in achieving optimal personal, professional, and relational health. Perhaps you need help managing your relationship with your spouse, your children, your coworkers or your boss. Perhaps you are up for a promotion, would like to optimize your performance reviews, or would like to maximize negotiations for salary or job offers. Together, we can reduce your stress, create calm, and make your life work better for you.

12-week package

  • Intake: Psychological Assessment (once, 2 hours)
    • Assessment (presentation of symptoms; functional impairments; psychosocial and home environment) and initial tips and handouts
  • Intake: ADHD Assessment (once, 2 hours)
    • Assessment of ADHD symptoms (standardized diagnostic instruments) and additional tips and handouts
  • Intensive (once, 2 hours)
    • Psychoeducation and customized tips/strategies for managing symptoms
  • Weekly sessions (eight, 1 hour each)
    • Check in about the environment and completion of tasks for last week, including identification of roadblocks and discussion of strategy for overcoming them. Identify list of tasks to complete over the next week (to be followed up via email); strategize, plan, and visualize to support completion of tasks
  • Hourly rate: $250 (self-pay)
  • Insurances accepted: Aetna, MeriTain, Cigna
  • Package discount
    • Free weekly accountability check-in with purchase of a prepaid package (self-pay only)