Our mission is to help our communities live a healthy life.  Our team at Mind-Body Care focuses on nurturing the health of your mind, body, and soul by helping you find ways to pause, recenter and restore. We are a group of compassionate, sensitive and engaged clinicians who can help you develop a healthy, more meaningful and positive relationship with your own self and others.  It is our passion to walk alongside individuals, couples, and families as they navigate the journey of living, relating, and loving each other well.

We offer psychotherapy and psychological testing for children, teens and adults. Whatever your background, orientation, identification, affiliation, lifestyle or gender expression, our team works with you closely to identify your struggles and provide you with the highest quality care tailored to your specific needs and goals. Our clinicians each hold different areas of specialization, while sharing a deep commitment to working with kindness, compassion and sensitivity.

                            - Therapy for children

                            - Therapy for teens

                            - Therapy for adults

                            - Family therapy

                            - Couples therapy

                            - Psychological testing for children and adults


"I was sent to Mind-Body Care by my PCP for evaluation before a medical procedure. The clinician was very thorough and caring  in her evaluation. She listened to me compassionately and non-judgmentally. I felt that the clinician truly cared about my wellbeing."

                                                                           - Anonymous